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“I appreciated your support and guidance and leads in helping me develop my business plan and marketing plan.  The on-going meetings we had helped me tremendously going through the thought process of developing my business plan and deciding what the right service model was for my target market. I appreciated your input and objective point of view while providing step-by-step guidance. Anne and the SBDC added a great objective professional point of view that helped my ideas to become reality.”

Alfredo Baccari

ELEM3NTS is a design and energy consulting firm launched in February 2010 that specializes in providing expert guidance in green and sustainable design, energy consulting, energy audits and green energy upgrades for new and existing residential projects in the Bay Area. 

ELEM3NTS assists clients in ‘greening’ their new and existing homes and making their home energy efficient, health and comfortable. Their motto is, “Our services are focused on achieving healthy, sustainable and green results.”

ELEM3NTS is a multi-disciplinary partnership of industry experts, working to bridge the gap between traditional building and the growing demand for green design and sustainability.  We work with you to ensure your project is a complete success from start to finish.

Mr. Baccari’s main challenge when we began working together was to decide on the type of services that he wanted to offer through his business. The residential green and energy market is fairly new; therefore, it was difficult to set-up a company that offers the client with these new services.  At the same time, he had to research the competition and develop a focus for the market he would pursue.  Mr. Baccari also had to identify possible partners; and obtain certifications needed to establish his firm as a green energy audit and design company.  He also had to develop a marketing plan and business web site.

Mr. Baccari adapted a competitive analysis worksheet I gave him to develop a thorough competitive analysis of the energy audit and sustainable design and construction markets.  We also discussed possible markets and types of services he might offer his clients.  We discussed the possibility of forming partnerships with other design and construction contractors as a way to offer clients a full suite of sustainable design and energy projects.  We also discussed marketing strategies (e.g., presentations, follow up, networking, web site).

Mr. Baccari decided, based on research, discussions and market conditions, to focus initially on the energy audit/retrofit market and eventually develop his design services clientele.

Mr. Baccari took a class with Ted Hillard on 3/15/2010 and another class with Christina Johnson on 5/6/2010.

Beginning in the 2nd quarter of 2010, Mr. Baccari partnered with a contractor who had the specialized audit equipment needed to perform energy audits.  He was able to generate substantial revenue by performing several energy audits with his partner.  In addition to earning fees for performing the energy audits, Mr. Baccari also generated referral revenue from remodel projects he referred to contractors, the combination of which resulted in substantial revenue levels for 2nd quarter of 2010 (no revenue was generated during the first quarter of 2010).  Mr. Baccari is currently working on a green remodel architectural project and continues to meet with potential clients for architectural green and sustainable projects that will generate revenue in the 3rd and 4th quarters.  He invested his own capital in the design and launch of a professional web site to generate leads and promote his company.  Mr. Baccari also invested in over 200 hours of continuing education in energy efficiency and sustainability to earn the LEED AP, Green Building Professional, and BPI Analyst certification.

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