Karen M Traversi

Traversi and Partners CEO

About Me:

Karen Traversi has had over 30 very successful and rewarding years leading start-up and growth stage companies to uncover the core cause of obstacles & opportunities, set strategies, and execute them. Her experience spans cross-functional operations, sales, marketing, human resources, and all aspects of the customer journey. Holding roles ranging from VP GM to VP of Operations to CEO, Karen has driven the integration and optimization of organizations experiencing mergers & acquisitions, hyper growth, and foundational work for start-ups.   She has successfully helped companies ranging in size from start-up to >$100 million as well as those looking to monetize assets such as TMP/Monster.com, Ticketmaster, and Revolution Health Group. Today, as Founder and CEO of Traversi and Partners, Karen helps leaders navigate obstacles while capitalizing on opportunities to streamline operations and maximize profits.

Expertise: BUSINESS STRATEGY Equity Financing HR Marketing Mergers & Acquisitions START-UP IMPLEMENTATION Strategic Planning